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Addiction is considered a disease, and not just a personal choice that an addict makes. As such, addiction must be clinically treated just like any other disease has to be treated. Without treatment, a patient may recover, but the chances of doing so are diminished. Even with rehab, addiction is a type of disease that remains with the patient forever. Rehab recovery programs are all about teaching addicts how to resist the temptation to resume substance abuse.

Rehab recovery programs are designed to boost an individual’s skills to help that individual fight off the urges to relapse. Rehab recovery programs are therapeutic and they are also educational. Because no two individuals are the same, the best programs are those that are tailored to a specific individual’s needs. The recovery process begins as soon as a person attends a treatment center, but the process begins in earnest once the addict has completed the highly stressful withdrawal process.

While withdrawal is often an extremely unpleasant and physically demanding step in getting free of addiction, in many ways it is the easiest part because it is over quite quickly. Once an individual has been weaned off the addictive substance, the next challenge is to stay free of the drug or alcohol. That challenge is best met through attendance at rehab programs. Of those addicts who relapse, those who attended rehab recovery on average last 40% longer before they relapse.

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Types of Recovery Programs

There are many different drug treatment programs that reforming addicts can undergo. They vary in the details, but all are designed to help the addict in the fight against relapse. Some of the most modern ones are modification or variation of earlier programs. Others are relatively new concepts. A relatively modern introduction to recovery programs is the use of other forms of therapy to help addicts stay clean.


One of the most popular and long-standing therapies is the 12 steps program that dates back to the 1930s. It was initially devised to help alcoholics, but is now used to help people with other forms of addiction. A key principle of this program is that addicts must accept that they have permanently lost control, and they must place their faith in a superior being for deliverance.

The 12 steps rehab recovery program is undoubtedly very successful (it is the program promoted by AA), but some people, especially atheists, find it difficult to take the spiritual requirement on board. In contrast to the spiritual approach, Self-Management and Recovery Training or SMART takes the view that the strength and resolve to stay clean must come from within. It introduces addicts to its 4 steps program. Many of the elements in the 4 steps program are similar to those in 12 steps rehab recovery programs.


Biofeedback is a treatment option that modifies brainwaves. This therapy came about when research showed that the brainwaves of addicts showed common abnormalities. Biofeedback aims to replace abnormal brainwaves with normal ones. Several scientific research projects have shown that the therapy is useful.

Other Therapies

Exercises that people do to help them relax are also very useful for addicts. One of the most common relapse triggers for addicts is the arrival of a stressful situation. Instead of trying to cope as non-addicts would, they turn to the addictive substance. If they can call on procedures to help them deal with stress, that helps prevent relapse. Examples of relaxation therapies include yoga, music, and art.

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