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Alcohol and drug addiction treatment plans will normally start with a program to wean addicted people off the harmful chemicals they have become dependent on. This phase of the treatment is known as medical detox, and provides patients with the medical care and supervision they require through this period of withdrawal.

Medical detox is used to reduce the worst effects of withdrawal. Medical detox for drug addicts usually involves replacing the drug of addiction with another less harmful or less addictive substance. In contrast, alcoholics are given medication to offset the trauma and physical consequences of withdrawal.

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Physical Dependency

Continued exposure to alcohol or drugs, short-term exposure to highly addictive drugs, or the taking of excessive quantities of addictive substances leads to physical dependency. The substances being taken cause physical and chemical changes within the brain, which begins to require the addictive substance in order to function. If the addictive substance is suddenly withdrawn, the body will experience stress, termed withdrawal, sometimes to a very severe level.

In fact, alcohol or drug withdrawal can be so severe that some addicts are at risk of dying during the process. Alcoholics, in particular, face life-threatening disorders during withdrawal if there is no appropriate medical intervention. That is why round the clock medical supervision is recommended during detoxification.

Is Detox Necessary?

The only realistic chance an addict has of getting permanently free of the substance to which he or she is addicted is by completely abstaining from it. Abstinence may be started abruptly, or may be done on a phased basis. Either way, the ultimate goal is to quit completely.

During the detox process, every addict will experience withdrawal symptoms to some degree. He or she will also experience strong cravings. The medications provided during medical detox will help reduce the physical trauma of withdrawal and will also help the addict to overcome the desire to relapse. Addicts who do not seek medical detox have a much higher relapse rate than those who do.

Dangers of Home Detox

The primary purpose of undergoing the stress and discomfort of detox is to get clean of the addictive substance. People who try this at home have a much lower chance of succeeding. They lack the support of experienced withdrawal specialists, and their access to helpful medications is limited. Their chances of relapsing during withdrawal are very high.

People who try to detox at home also put themselves at risk of physical damage, or even death. Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs can cause seizures. People can physically injure themselves during a seizure, or die as the result of one.

Residential Treatment

Residential drug treatment provides patients with the greatest chance for success. In-house treatment with 24-hour patient supervision is the best way to limit the extremes of withdrawal. The most appropriate medication can be administered as needed, and the patients also have emotional and psychological support on hand. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham at (205) 319-3099 to get started on the road to recovery.

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