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Drug Treatment Centers are staffed with people who specialize in all aspects of addiction treatment. We provide drug treatment centers options for local patients who are struggling to control their substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms.

If you or someone you love is suffering from chemical dependency, call the addiction and drug treatment specialists at Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham at (205) 319-3099.

Medical Detox

Detoxing under medical supervision is strongly recommended. Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol is not without risks, and the treatment experts at Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham understand this.

The symptoms of unaided withdrawal can include extreme pain, nausea, seizures and mental confusion. Addicts are extremely vulnerable during this stage. If they are left to deal with this by themselves, there is a really high chance that they will revert to taking the addictive substance before withdrawal is complete.

Our patients are given medications that will make withdrawal symptoms less painful or uncomfortable. They will also help them to feel more relaxed and in control. Rates of relapse during withdrawal are much lower among addicts who are withdrawing with medical help.

Treatment Options

Residential drug treatment is the best options for most drug addicts and alcoholics. This is because of the dangers inherent in drug or alcohol withdrawal. During withdrawal, an addict’s body comes under severe stress. The withdrawal can trigger seizures that are sometimes fatal.

Seizures can also result in cuts or fractures when a thrashing patient collides with sharp objects or furnishings. When patients are withdrawing in a treatment center, they are far less likely to suffer any physical damage, as they are being monitored at all times.

Outpatient drug treatment works best for addiction aftercare, rather than for medical detox. Treating addicts after withdrawal is extremely important in preventing relapse. During their stay at a treatment center, addicts may successfully detox, but that does not cure the actual addiction.

Clean addicts face a lifelong battle to overcome the desire to once again take the addictive substance, and post-withdrawal therapy is there to help them get through the various relapse crises they will face. Relapse prevention program enrollment is recommended to provide support through group meetings, family therapy, and more.

Intervening With an Addict

Addicts are often the last people to understand that their drug or alcohol habit has reached the addictive stage and that they need professional help. Concerned friends or relatives who know that a person needs professional help should intervene, but this can be difficult. Many drug and alcohol treatment centers provide courses that teach people sound intervention techniques.

Prevalence of Addiction Problems

There is no way to accurately work out how many people have addictions to drugs. The sum total of addicted people includes those who are in, or who have received, drug treatment and those who have yet to ask for help. It is only possible to estimate how many are in the last category.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated that there were 8.76 million abusers of prescription drugs in America in 2010. NIDA also reports that, in that year, doctors prescribed enough prescription drugs to provide a dose every four hours for every living American for an entire month. It is safe to deduce that millions must have an addiction.

At Alcohol Treatment Programs Birmingham, we provide comprehensive drug treatment programs to fit your individual needs. Call our addiction specialists today at (205) 319-3099.

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