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Drug Detox Programs Alabama

drug detox programs alabama

Drug Detox Programs Alabama

The true effects of habituated substance abuse manifest during the drug detox phase of recovery.  Changes in the brain cause physical and psychological reactions to the absence of a regular supply of chemical substances. The severity of these symptoms depends, to a large degree, on the duration of the addiction, type of drugs being consumed and the physical health of the addict at the time of the detox.  

While drug detox is a critical first step to overcoming addiction, it does not address the behavioral issues that drive compulsive and obsessive substance abuse.  The misconception that overcoming addiction is about simply halting daily drug use has led many individuals to forgo seeking professional treatment. Sudden cessation of habitual use of drugs for some people can also prove deadly.  As such, going through the entire rehabilitation process that includes diagnostic testing, detoxification and participation in various evidence-based drug intervention therapy enhances the ability to experience sustainable sobriety.

A drug detox is a complex process that needs to occur in a safe, medically equipped environment.  The popular “do-it-yourself cleanse” is not to be confused with the potentially risky process of a drug or alcohol detox.  The process of eliminating accumulated toxins from the body is intermingled with complicated neurological functions that can trigger life-threatening withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Excessive nausea and vomiting
  • Spikes in blood pressure
  • Breathing problems
  • Heart attack
  • Coma
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Suicidal attempt

The drug detox process entails evaluating the patient to identify the substance or substances that needs to be eliminated.  This determines the type of treatment that will be necessary to help alleviate the suffering caused by withdrawal symptom. Patients with underlying mental problems may need additional treatment to stabilize behavioral symptoms that are often exacerbated during the detox process.

Keeping the patient stable is a critical component of the drug detox process. Since there is also the potential for the development of serious medical conditions, it is important to maintain physical and mental stability during this process to mitigate any medical crisis situation.  As such, a professional detox process is performed with around the clock medical supervision.  Detox clinicians should also have medical emergency training.  

Because drug detoxification is only the first step in the rehabilitation process, it is important that patients are encouraged and prepared to focus on the core issues that…

  1. May have caused the addiction in the first place.  
  2. Can perpetuate the addiction
  3. Provide the tools and techniques to facilitate sobriety maintenance

Since withdrawal symptoms can be unpredictable and exacerbate already problematic issues, drug detox ensures that the process is completed safely with access to appropriate medical intervention if necessary. Drug detox is therefore the safest alternative when it comes to halting chronic drug abuse.  

For more information about drug detox programs in drug treatment centers in Birmingham, dial (205) 319-3099. Addiction specialists are ready to help you get the treatment you deserve.

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