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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Birmingham

drug and alcohol abuse birmingham al

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Birmingham

The cost and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse place an enormous burden on American society. This remains the nation’s number one health problem as it crosses all societal boundaries, and affects every ethnic group. Alcohol and drug abuse can affect all aspects of the user’s life. Long-term alcohol and drug abuse can cause serious health complications affecting almost every organ in the body, including the brain. Binge drinking, for example, can lead to a number of health effects including:

    • Alcohol poisoning
    • Serious injuries from falls and other accidents
    • Increased of cirrhosis and other liver diseases
    • Permanent damage to your central nervous system, including your brain
    • Greater chance of being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident
    • Serious legal consequences

You can avoid the life altering consequences of binge drinking and alcohol addiction by calling 205-319-3099
Heroin and cocaine are among the most addictive street drugs because of the chemical changes it causes in your brain. These changes in brain chemistry can occur instantly, which leads to immediate physical dependency on the drug. Some addicts smoke crack cocaine on a daily basis, and other binge on cocaine at parties by snorting the drug or injecting it. Some of the negative health effects associated with cocaine addiction include the following:

      • Severe headaches
      • Malnutrition and severe weight loss
      • Sudden death from heart attack or stroke
      • Loss of the sense of smell
      • Difficulty swallowing both liquids and solids
      • Gangrene of the bowels
      • Holes in nasal septum

As severe as these effects of cocaine use are, it is even more life-threatening to suddenly stop using this drug without medical supervision. When an addict stops smoking crack or cocaine, they experience a sharp crash into an abyss of severe depressive symptoms, which include suicidal thoughts and actions. Additionally, the person struggling with cocaine addiction can experience such intense cravings that they are at a high risk of overdose if they decide to go back to using this drug. Some cocaine withdrawal symptoms the user may experience may include extreme agitation and restlessness, debilitating fatigue, apathy, and vivid life-like nightmares. If you or your loved one is addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, or prescription drugs, talk to an addiction specialist at 205-319-3099.

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