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Alcoholism is one of the most pervasive addictions threatening the health of people in all segments of society today. According to the National Center for Biotechnology, at least one in six Americans have a drinking problem. And, based on 2013 alcohol abuse treatment statistics, Alabama tops the list with 676 more alcoholics than any other state. Alcohol Treatment Centers also top the list as the most efficient way to effect full recovery and sustained sobriety.

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The high toxicity levels caused by years of drinking makes it necessary that the detox process occurs with medical supervision at Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham rather than at home. Long term drinkers face the greatest risk when detoxing.

At Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham, we provide around the clock medical oversight to alleviate undue risks during the detox process. As such, all addiction specialist that oversee the detox process at Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham have emergency medical training. They are highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses who are able to provide life-saving care and administer appropriate medication to mitigate any serious complications.

The severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms varies based on a number of factors including gender, age, duration of use and the general health of the individual. These variables make it impossible to predict who will suffer the most discomfort during the withdrawal process.

Of all the ways alcohol can kill, withdrawal symptoms are typically the least expected. Lack of education about the effects of alcohol on the physical body and brain functions have caused many people to try the “cold turkey” method of halting alcohol consumption only to die in the process. Many loved ones who encourage an alcoholic to quit drinking may not be aware of the dangers of sudden cessation of habitual alcohol consumption.

Dangers of alcohol withdrawal

Excessive drinking can cause suppression of neurotransmitters in the brain. When an alcoholic abruptly stop drinking it can cause these suppressed neurotransmitters to rebound and throw the brain into an excitably state. This rebounding effect can cause mild anxiety to more serious reactions such as a heart attack. Approximately 5% of alcoholics also suffer what is known as Delirium Tremens (DTs).

These are a series of dangerous and unpredictable symptom that have been attributed to most alcohol withdrawal deaths. DTs are characterized by hyperactivity and altered mental states that have been known to trigger a number of life threatening conditions. DTs pose an even greater threat if they occur when the alcoholic is alone and unable to get immediate medical attention.

Treatment for Alcoholism

The first step in the alcohol rehab recovery process is to stop drinking. However, it is best to do so in a medically equipped facility with the help of caring professionals. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham, we have the expertise to ensure that the process occurs with as little destabilization to your mental and physical health as possible.

There are various detoxification services that are administered when alcohol withdrawal occurs at a rehab facility.

While some individual only suffer minor discomfort others may have delayed reactions that necessitate a continuum of care. Many individuals also have underlying issues that exacerbate the detox process. For instance, those with a comorbid condition such as a mental illness are at a greater risk of experiencing symptoms of Delirium Tremens. Our rehabilitation centers are capable of providing the various services and treatment interventions that are applied based on the complications presented during the detox process.

Our goal is to help patients to safely and comfortably complete the detoxification process. Whether this is your first time detoxing or you have had very mild symptoms on previous attempts, please do not underestimate the dangers of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Most physicians highly recommend that alcoholic patients seek medical supervision before trying to stop daily consumption of alcohol.

If you or a loved one is battling alcoholism and want to overcome this addiction, we can help. Call our 24/7 Alcohol Treatment Centers Birmingham helpline today at (205) 319-3099 to learn more about our medical detox and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs.

About Birmingham, Alabama

Located in Jefferson County, Birmingham is home to 250,000 residents. Founded during the post-Civil War Reconstruction several farm towns merged to form the city of Birmingham. The city is positioned in the central portion of the state with the Red Mountain to the south of downtown. Birmingham offers beautiful mountain ridges at the foothills of the Appalachians. Summer temperatures near 90 degrees and the mild winters rarely fall below freezing.

Birmingham was rated as one of the country’s best places to work based on income and the low cost of living. It is also considered Alabama’s capital for culture and entertainment. The cultural diversity provides a wide variety of entertainment options, with art galleries, performing arts and museums. The historic theater hosts film screenings, performances, and concerts. There is a wide array of different theaters many very historic and hosting anything from the Symphony to Opera and Ballet.

The Carver Theater is known for its jazz performances as well as classes. There are several festivals held in the area, including the Taste of Fourth Avenue Jazz Festival, the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival and the Southern Heritage Festival. The city has a large younger population with around 10 universities located there. The universities include some of the best schools for dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, and engineering.

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is also a big attraction for visitors and residents. The Fair Park Arena is an area where sporting events are held as well as community events. Birmingham has a cultural and community sense of living. The friendly atmosphere makes it enjoyable to be existent there as does the rich historical presence.

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